How to clean your laptop computer?

If you work as much as I do with your (laptop) computer then you will know this problem. Everything is getting really dirty. I use the below tip to solve it :     And you can use it on your printer (outside), keyboard, screen and anything else. As long as it is disconnected. And you give it the time to dry a little. (Not that it is wet, but just in case.   Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

Hard disk is getting hot, first copy data like this!

If you are having a hard disk that is getting really hard, and it also let you hear now and then a ticking sound then it is time to replace the hard disk. But you would like to recover the data from the hard disk ? Then I would suggest to do it like I do. Why, simple. In this way you prevent that the hard disk get overheated. It is simple to make. (I used a old phone power supply, and connected that to Read More +

Get the Perfect Tools for the job

Before you start fixing things there is something really important that you need to have ! The TOOLS you need to fix whatever you need to fix. And it really is not a matter of what kind of job it is. If you are fixing a car or you are fixing something in your house, you need the best tools that you can get for it. And for that I have ONE real good advice. Do NOT buy the cheapest stuff, and trust me, I Read More + Intro

Welcome on My name is Aebe and I am the owner of this website. I like to use this website for telling how to fix things. That can be for all kind of things. Like car fixes, electronic, home repair, and even computer repair. It is a restart of my old website. So it will cost some time to place all back. But it will. Soon more.   Aebe Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin